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Workforce  IAM

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The Security Challenge in Today's World

The transformation to remote working has changed business for organizations around the world. End-users work from different locations, on different devices at different times both on-premises and in the cloud. It has become a difficult challenge to secure these hybrid environments, enforce policy and ensure compliance.


On-boarding & Off-boarding is Challenging

Your IT workforce may be struggling to keep up with the amount of service requests over password resets, password management, and user registration. High rates of on-boarding and off-boarding users, resource access and entitlement provisioning keeps your IT staff unavailable to allocate resources to other important projects.

Legacy Systems are Still Used

Many organizations spend a large portion of their budget to provide band-aid support to legacy systems that need to be modernized. Many workers are not able to properly access the resources they need when they need them, leaving them frustrated and unable to perform their duties. When granted access, compliance standards are not always met.


The Risk of Security Breaches are Increasing

The risk of security breaches are increasing every day. Orphaned accounts remain active with high-privileged access. Active users may have access to high-value resources they no longer need. Weak security controls lead to failed compliance audits and financial penalties.

The Solution

IAMTEAM can help you with all of the challenges your company is facing with Workforce Identity & Access Management (WIAM). We can help you reduce costs, increase workforce productivity, increase security, integrate centralized governance, implement regulatory compliance, and provide you with managed services that take care of your business needs.


Single Sign-On

With Single Sign-On, you will be able to increase your end user’s productivity. End-users will no longer need to remember countless passwords. They only need to sign in once to gain access to the entire application suite your company provides. Implementing SSO improves user experience, user productivity and enhances security.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication ensures your users are who they say they are. We help you employ MFA to all of your SaaS, on-premises and legacy applications. You can take advantage of adaptive multi-factor authentication that evaluates users based on their risk level when logging in. With many customizable MFA policy options, we can tailor the perfect MFA solution for your business needs.


Centralized Governance

Centralized governance allows organizations to effectively manage and monitor their IT systems, ensuring that they remain secure and compliant. We can provide you with non-intrusive session monitoring, usage profiling identity brokering and unified directory management. Modernizing legacy systems with centralized governance can help organizations improve security, reduce the risk of data breaches, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

We help you meet regulatory compliance standards. By implementing strong compliance controls, we can help you achieve higher audit pass rates and reduce the risk of costly regulatory fines and penalties. With shorter review cycles, you can quickly and efficiently respond to changes in regulatory requirements. Having a robust compliance program in place is essential for protecting your business and staying competitive.


Reduce Cost and Overhead

Implementing a Workforce Identity and Access Management solution provides a dramatic increase in savings. Prevent costly data breaches, stop paying for orphaned and pass compliance audits with ease to avoid paying financial penalties. On top of the cost-savings, you can improve employee productivity through automation and simplification; getting more value from your workforce.

Keep Employees Productive

Enable user self-service to allow your workforce to spend less time waiting for access and more time doing what they do best. By automating user lifecycle management and eliminating password reset tickets, you can free up your IT staff to work on more important projects. Your workforce can gain faster access to applications allowing them to spend more time working and less time logging in. Workforce Identity and Access Management reduces IT friction and improves business agility.


Improve Security

Workforce Identity and Access Management helps you protect your identities, assets and data. Employing Zero-Trust reduces your risk of data breaches. Users can be given least-privilege access to resources. Easily employ adaptive multi-factor authentication and custom multi-factor authentication policies tailored to your needs. Have peace of mind as your workforce uses secure web sessions to keep your data and assets protected.

Zero-Trust Security


IAMTEAM helps you achieve your business goals through Workforce Identity and Access Management Technology. We can host and manage a WIAM solution end-to-end, taking care of the technology while you take care of your business. We provide you with advisory, integration, management, automation and innovation services to help your business become secure, efficient and compliant.

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