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Identity as a Service

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The Security Challenge in Today's World

Many companies today operate in both a cloud and on-premises world. Unless your company was born in the cloud, you likely have a combination of SaaS, on-premises and legacy applications that are essential to your business. The challenge to provide security and ease-of-use for end users in a hybrid environment is a hard problem. But it doesn’t have to be.


We Help you Transition to the Cloud

With Identity as a Service (IDaaS), you can resolve problems surrounding lifecycle management, provisioning, secondary authentication and managing multiple directories. Identity as a Service gives you the power to unify all of your directories and applications into one cloud platform which can provision entitlements, enforce policy, authenticate users, and make your environment easy-to-use for all of your end-users and IT staff.

Smooth Integration, No Disruptions.

IAMTEAM is here to help you integrate industry standard IDaaS solutions that will help your company save money, reduce the load on IT staff, keep your end-users productive and your company secure. We provide you with top-notch integration services. You don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. It’s on us.


The Solution

IAMTEAM can help you with all of the challenges your company is facing with Identity & Access Management. We can help you reduce costs, increase workforce productivity, increase security, integrate centralized governance, implement regulatory compliance, and provide you with managed services that take care of your business needs.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Single Sign-On, you will be able to increase your end user’s productivity. End-users will no longer need to remember countless passwords. They only need to sign in once to gain access to the entire application suite your company provides. We help you integrate all of your SaaS, on-premise and legacy applications into a comprehensive easy-to-use portal.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication ensures your users are who they say they are. We help you employ MFA to all of your SaaS, on-premises and legacy applications. MFA can be customized and tailored with policies for your business needs. You can take advantage of adaptive multi-factor authentication that evaluates users based on their risk level when logging in. With many customizable options, we can integrate the perfect MFA solution for you.


One Unified Directory

A unified directory gives you the power to provision entitlements and automate lifecycle management with ease. Spend less time managing on-premises directories and more time doing what you do best. We help you integrate all of your end-users from multiple directories and help you set up automated entitlement provisioning. Sync users real-time across multiple directories such as Workday, Active Directory, Azure AD, LDAP, G Suite, AWS and many more.

Improved LifecycleManagement

We provide you with a solution that helps you quickly onboard and off-board your end-users. Employee productivity is increased by providing them with the tools they need when they need them. Automated entitlement provisioning ensures your staff has the right access for the right reasons. You can feel secure knowing those who depart from your organization no longer have access to previous permission, decreasing the risk of a security breach.


Reduce Costs & Overhead

Implementing an IDaaS solution provides a dramatic increase in savings. You can reduce costs on equipment purchases for on-premises environments, specialized IT staff and continuous training. You can eliminate the need for server upkeep, upgrading or installing software, data backups, hosting fees, security monitoring and more. IDaaS solutions provide savings in administrative overhead through automation and simplification.

Keep Employees Productive

By enabling self-service password resets, end users spend less time waiting to get access and IT staff spend less time fulfilling these requests. Single sign-on requires end-users to only sign in once, then they have access to everything they need. There is no need for a second sign in, eliminating the need for your end-users to remember countless passwords. These integrations give your employees more time to focus on their projects.


Scale Without Worry

Identity as a Service empowers your company to continue scaling without worrying about IT infrastructure. You will be able to easily adapt to dynamic user bases. When you perform sales promotions and events, your IDaaS system will allow you to handle an inflow of new end-users. You will no longer have to worry about being bogged down with IAM responsibilities. We provide you with a scalable identity and access management solution that aids you in your cloud transformation while reducing cost and risk.

A Zero-Trust  Strategy to Security


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Identity as a Service helps you mitigate risk, improve operational efficiency and reduce friction for your end-users. As your company grows, the more identities you manage, the greater your risk becomes. With an Identity and Access management solution, you can reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to identity-related attacks. Learn how we can help you implement a zero-trust strategy that’s easy-to-use and helps your company stay efficient, compliant and secure.

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